Snell & Wilcox IQMUX02 4/8 Channel Digital Audio AES/EBU 4 channel Multiplexer with Synchronizer with IQMUX0215-1A

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Snell & Wilcox IQMUX02

A powerful SDI video synchronizer with 2/4 x AES/EBU stream multiplexer and advanced embedded audio handling. Ideal as a general digital ingest module where any digital audio source signal can be catered for, even combinations of embedded and external digital audio. All audio manipulation is at the channel level suiting discreet surround and multi-lingual use. Its firewall capability ensures errors or interruptions in the input signal are not passed through to the output.

In addition to its tracking audio delay, it also has a bulk audio delay feature. To complete the delay flexibility, it has a built-in video delay that can be used to adjust to match external audio processing delays, such as that from a Dolby E encoder. A dual SDI input allows the unit to take signals from either of two paths. This can be used for handling main and redundant feeds, or it can be used with a composite decoder such as the IQDAMDA to provide analog and digital alternative inputs. The second input also allows split operation, with video taken from one input and embedded audio from the other. As a further function, this module can be used to provide separate audio and video routing in an embedded SDI environment.

In this way, two levels of an SDI router feed separately the video and audio to a single destination. In this case however, the normal mode of operation can be supplemented by a small AES router allowing a few destinations at a time to have a mix capability between multiple audio sources.

Technical Details

• Combine AES and embedded source channels

• Handles 2/4 AES streams or any eight embedded input channels to total eight output channels

• Handles up to 24 bit embedded audio present on the incoming SDI stream or AES inputs, and embeds/de-embeds to 20 bits

• Channel-level (Sub-frame) routing

• 4 off 4 channel assignable audio mixers

• Flexible audio delay including per pair fixed delay, common fixed delay and tracking delay

• Firewall for video and processed PCM audio to provide a continuous output

• Variable audio delay of up to 0.5s which seamlessly tracks the video delay or external

• Video proc-amp (gain, saturation, black level) 

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