Silex Technology SX-DS-4000U2 USB-DEVICE SERVER

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  • Model Number: SX-DS-4000U2
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The SX-DS-4000U2 is a high-performance USB Device Server with an astounding 800 MHz of computing power. The USB Virtual Link technology from silex technology allows virtually any kind of USB device network-capable in the simplest of manners.

Printers, scanners, hard drives, dongles and card readers can be used over the network via 2 USB Hi-Speed ports with the SX-DS-4000U2 just as though they were connected to the computer. Silex Technology SX-DS-4000U2 USB-DEVICE SERVER

Technical Details



High-Performance Higher data throughput due to optimized performance and Gigabit connection: Extremely powerful CPU (800MHz) and two USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports (TypeA)

Energy-Saver Mode

When the device server is not used for a certain period of time, the power supply to the USB bus is server is used again.

Print Server Function

Supports standard TCP/IP printing (LPR/IPP/RAW) The product supports the general RAW-mode, LPR-mode and IPP-mode network printing protocols. When the product is connected to a printer, the standard Windows print function can be used to print.

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