SHURE UP4 Portable UHF Wireless Receiver with UC1 UA Wireless Mic Transmitter Set 782 806MHz

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  • Brand: shure
  • Model Number: UP4 UC1-UA
  • Product Code: BS18846
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The Shure UP Wireless System is a portable, frequency-agile, diversity wireless system operating in the UHF band. The UP4 receiver is easily mounted to a Sony video camera or any video camera with an Anton-Bauer battery pack. The UP4 is compatible with both Shure UC and UHF Series microphones and body-packs.

SHURE UP4 Portable UHF Wireless Receiver with UC1-UA Wireless Mic Transmitter Set 782-806HHz

Technical Details
  • UHF Band Operation
  • Frequency Agility.
  • Camera-Mountable Receiver Design
  • Tone Key Squelch Circuitry.
  • Noise Squelch Circuitry

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