SHURE Gooseneck Microphone GM 6523 for DCS 6000Digital Conference System NEW

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SHURE Gooseneck Microphone GM 6523 for DCS 6000 Digital Conference System NEW

These conference microphones are a series of high performance condenser microphones carefully developed to fit the DIS conference microphone units and interpreter sets.

The conference microphones feature a cardioid sensitivity pattern in the entire speech spectrum to ensure minimum risk of an acoustical feed back arising from the sound reinforcement system.

The GM 652x are detachable gooseneck microphones with a professional 3 pin XLR plug.

When used with the DC 6990P Conference Units, the gooseneck microphone can be locked.

The GM 652x microphones feature a bright illuminated ring around the microphone head. The lighting level is bright enough to be seen in broadcast lighting.

The GM 6523 microphones are available in 40 cm long


Technical Details

The GM 652x features:

• Cardioid pattern

• RF resistant due to the unique DIS RF Shield

• Flexible gooseneck

• Illuminated light ring on microphone capsule

• XLR plug

• Back-Electret condenser microphone capsule

• High close talk SPL level

• Low noise level


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