SHURE 8-Channel Automatic Mixer Rack mounted IRU

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  • Model Number: SCM810
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Shure SCM810 and SCM410 automatic mixers are the quickest, easiest, and most effective
way to set up a multiple-mic room. Without clipping a syllable, they silently activate only the
microphones being addressed and automatically adjust each microphone’s threshold to
changes in background noise.
It’s proven technology. Networkable, configurable, and as simple as opening the box,
plugging in, and connecting the microphones.
There’s no need to buy specialized equipment, because both the SCM810 and SCM410 work
with all professional wired and wireless microphones. When you choose a Shure automatic
mixer, you get seamless automatic mixing right out of the box.



With too few open mics…some talkers sound
clear, while others seem far away.
With too many open mics…there is a greater
likelihood of feedback and too much background
noise is added – making it hard for talkers to be
heard clearly. And oftentimes, a talker’s voice
will be picked up by more than one microphone,
resulting in poor audio quality.
Since it is difficult to select precisely the right
number of microphones for adequate coverage
with no overlap, the solution typically requires that
someone turn microphones up and down as
people speak. Not only does this demand fast
hands, it involves a great deal of guesswork.
Shure automatic mixers address these concerns
by opening mics as soon as they are needed and
attenuating them when they are not in use.

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