Sennhesier EM 3732 COM-II P Two-Channel Wireless Receiver Frequency 776 to 960 MHz Article No. 504081

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  • Brand: Sennheiser
  • Model Number: EM 3732 COM-II P
  • Product Code: BS19523
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The EM 3731/3732-II is a true diversity receiver that is characterized by high transmission reliability, exceptional audio quality and simple operation. The frequencies are adjustable in 5 kHz steps. Special features include the DSP-based HiDyn plus expander and its transformer-balanced audio outputs. The EM 3732 COM-II is also equipped with a command audio output. The EM 3731/3732-II is available in L, N and P frequency range variants and as a twin receiver (EM 3732-II) or single receiver (EM 3731-II).

Technical Details


· AES3 digital audio output with external word clock synchronization

· Switching bandwidth up to 184 MHz

· Integrated antenna splitter for daisy-chaining up to 8 devices

· Intuitive user interface with OLED display

· Network integration via Ethernet for WSM software on Macs and PCs The “Wireless Systems Manager” (WSM) software for Macs and PCs enables the monitoring and control of all device parameters during live performances.

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