Sennheiser skm 300 g3 with E835 Range E 830-865 MHz

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The Sennheiser SKM 300 G3 is a wireless handheld microphone transmitter that is designed to be used with the Sennheiser Evolution G3 wireless system. The transmitter is available in a range of frequency bands, and the model you mentioned has a frequency range of 830-865 MHz.

The E835 microphone capsule that comes with the SKM 300 G3 is a dynamic cardioid capsule, which is known for its ability to reject feedback and background noise. This makes it a popular choice for live performances and presentations.

Sennheiser skm 300 g3 with E835 Range E 830-865 MHz 

Technical Details
  • Optimized PLL synthesizer and microprocessor technology
  • HDX noise reduction system
  • Pilot tone squelch control
  • True diversity technology
  • Switching bandwidth of 42 MHz
  •  Increased immunity to intermodulation and interferences in multi-channel operation
  • Interchangeable microphone heads, allowing the use of different pick-up patterns and sensitivities
  • Extended muting function due to MIC button on the radio microphone

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