Sennheiser ASP 2 Antenna Splitter G2 Wireless

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Sennheiser ASP 2 Antenna Splitter G2 Wireless

The ASP 2 passive RF antenna splitter has been designed for routing antenna signals to several receivers in a multi-channel system, i.e. up to four diversity receivers are supplied with the signals of only two antennas. The antenna splitter incorpora- tes DC distribution for powering up to four receivers in addi- tion to two antenna boosters via a single mains unit.

By lin- king two ASP 2 antenna splitters, an 8-channel system can be operated with only two antennas. By using the GA 2 rack adapter, two antenna splitters or one antenna splitter and one rack-mount receiver (e.g. EM 100 G2, EM 300 G2 or EM 500 G2) can be mounted into a 19" rack.

Technical Details
  • Graphic display, backlit
  • rocker button (DOWN/UP), backlit
  • SET button, backlit
  • ON button, backlit (serves as the ESC (cancel) key in the operating menu)
  • Cable grip for power supply DC cable
  • DC socket for connection of mains unit (DC IN)
  • Audio output (AF OUT BAL), XLR-3M socket, balanced

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