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The IQDSYN is a full frame synchronizer for SDI video, capable of preserving all ancillary data. With a minimum delay of < 2us the IQDSYN is also useful in typical line synchronizer applications where it is necessary to delay a synchronous input up to a few lines. The synchronizer will operate in 2 modes-

First is as a frame synchronizer, where the output video is locked to a reference input. In this mode the delay through the unit will change according to the scan positions of the input video and the reference input and will consequently drop/repeat whole frames when the scan positions overtake. An ancillary data discontinuity will occur should the synchronizer drop or repeat a frame. To avoid an embedded audio disturbance in this condition the IQDAFS module should be used.

In the second operational mode the unit behaves as a constant, programmable delay of between 1 line and 1 frame.

The IQDSYN is tolerant to router switching in accordance with SMPTE RP168, but additionally with 625 line inputs it allows the seamless switching anywhere in the vertical interval of sources up to 23 lines apart.

The unit offers luminance gain and black and chrominance gain adjustment. Full RollCall remote control as well as limited card edge control is available.

Technical Details
  • SDI frame synchronizer with 10-bit data path
  • Minimum delay of < 2μs allows use as a Line Synchronizer
  • Ancillary and vertical data passing
  • Router switching tolerant (SMPTE RP168)
  • Fixed delay mode (lock to input)
  • Luminance and chrominance gain controls
  • Luminance black level control
  • EDH checking and insertion (SMPTE RP165)
  • Pattern generation
  • Un-interruptable valid output
  • Controlled and crash freeze
  • Automatic 625 and 525 operation
  • Passive relay input bypass (without synchronization) option
  • RollCall remote control plus 3 Configurable GPI BNC’s (-2 only)

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