schnick schnack systems PIXEL-GATE

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The Pixel-Gate is a hardware solution for converting digital video signals (DVI or SDI) into network control data for LEDs (Art-NetTM or rather Schnick-Net). The mapping of the image data is hardware-based and therefore effective and high performing.

In combination with media servers, the Pixel-Gate relieves the server from resource-intensive pixel mapping. The Pixel-Gate belongs to the Generation 3 and offers system-wide synchronization as well as 60fps compatibility.

With its three versions – Light, Plus and Pro – it is the ideal supplement for small installations and larger shows as well.

schnick schnack systems PIXEL-GATE

Technical Details
  • Black Level
  • Gamma Correction
  • Artnet
  • Save Patch internally
  • Drop Frame
  • DVI-/DDC-Framerate
  • General offset
  • Syncpuls
  • Fill unused Artnet data with 0
  • DVI Color Space

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