schnick schnack systems led systemnetzteil 4 E

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The System Power Supply 4E provides Schnick - Schnack - Systems’ series L, B, C and M products with power and data. The System Power Supply 4E can be controlled by either Ethernet (Art-Net, sACN) or DMX512 data and is therefore compatible with most lighting consoles and media servers.

The control signal can be freely patched across the four outputs. It is also possible to use the System Power Supply 4E as a standalone unit, without a DMX or Art-Net control signal. The addressing of the components takes place directly on the System Power Supply via Smart Link.

The System Power Supply 4E belongs to Generation 3 and in addition to DMX can also read the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus protocol (DPB) in order to control LED components. By using the DPB more LED-Panels or other elements per output of a system power supply are possible – up to 3.072 channels. Switching between DPB and DMX is possible at all times.

The Generation 3 LED components firmware can be updated from a central point via the network with the System Power Supply 4E. Thanks to integrated HTML 5.0 web servers, the System Power Supply can be completely controlled remotely.

Technical Details
  • Turn off the unit
  • Insert the SD card carrying the software version to be uploaded into the SD card slot on the rear of the unit
  • Turn on the unit
  • The System Power Supply 4E recognizes the firmware on the card and updates the firmware to this version. The software update is shown in the display
  • The System Power Supply 4E restarts once the installation is complete
  • The System Power Supply 4E is now ready to use again
  • Please remove the SD card, otherwise an update is performed when switching on the device

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