Satellite Systems Corporation 3430 BTR L-Band Beacon Tracking Receiver

  • $999.00

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The Model 3430-L Version 4 is the latest release of our reliable series of 3430 Beacon Receivers. With Version 4 firmware we now offer the full L-band range of 930 to 2300 MHz, Digital Level reference setting, Ethernet connectivity with M&C control interface, and power up temperature compensation for rapid signal acquisition. Frequency selection on 10 kHz steps may be accomplished from the front panel or via remote control. Pre-detection noise bandwidth of 50 kHz (or factory option of 25 kHz) facilitates accurate tracking at very low C/N levels.
Technical Details
  • Wide bandwidth, 930 to 2300 MHz standard
  • Digital level reference setting, -40 to -100 dBm on 0.5 dB steps
  • Ethernet connectivity with M&C control interface
  • NEW Version 2.0 M&C control interface allows for remote monitoring from one or multiple location RS-232/422/485 and Ethernet all Standard
  • Temperature stabilization compensation.

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