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SAT-COM AURASAT controller

SAT-COM AURASAT controller is Simple stand-alone one touch operation to find satellite and stow antenna. Ideal for applications that require a quick, simple setup and reliable connection. Internal DVB receiver provides modem independence.An optional 19” rack mount iNetVu® Beacon Receiver (BR300L) is available and has been integrated to work with the iNetVu® Controllers.

This external self contained compact unit detects the power density of the satellite beacon (930MHz – 2300MHz) and is connected to the controller via an RS232 serial port interface.An optional GPS/Glonass based compass is also available and has been integrated with the iNetVu Controllers. This external compact device can be fitted on roof of vehicle beside the iNetVu platform to provide accurate vehicle heading within 1 degree irrespective of the surrounding magnetic field. The precise heading of the antenna translates to a smaller search window and hence faster satellite acquisitions. Interfaces to the controller via RS-232 serial port.

Technical Details

  • One touch stand-alone solution
  • Front Panel configurable
  • Compatible with all iNetVu® mobile platforms
  • Supports DVB-S1 and DVB-S2/ACM frequencies
  • Optimal, high-precision antenna pointing
  • Remote access and operation via Network, Web and other Interfaces
  • Built-in motion and movement protection for safety
  • Supports inclined orbit satellites
  • Integrated with multiple modems
  • Works with GPS and GLONASS Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Global Position Information available for external devices
  • Easy to configure and operate
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