SAM snell IQMUX42 HD SD-SDI 10 Channel Re multiplexer Embedder 2 HD/SD-SDI outputs 5 AES EBU unbalanced IQMUX4-26-1A

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SAM snell IQMUX42 HD SD-SDI 10 Channel Re multiplexer Embedder 2 HD/SD-SDI outputs 5 AES EBU unbalanced IQMUX4-26-1A

 IQMUX42-49 family of modules provides a highly flexible solution for all HD-SDI 1.5 Gbps or SD-SDI 270 Mbps multiplexing/demultiplexing operations. Handling up to 16 audio channels (eight AES/EBU streams) makes them ideal for both multi-lingual and discrete surround sound applications. Fully compatible with Dolby E compressed audio the IQMUX46-49 includes a ‘Dolby E mode’ for automatic synchronization to the video frame boundary, whether already embedded in the incoming SDI or on discrete AES inputs. Additional audio processing features include tracking audio delay, gain, phase invert, channel level routing, and audio mixing. Video features include proc. amp controls, HANC/VANC blanking and up to 12 frames of delay.

The sophisticated audio processing features include comprehensive audio delays, gain control, phase inversion and mixing. Both AES input pair routing and separate channel level routing are included. The module is fully Dolby E™ compatible and can handle other non[1]PCM audio streams including Dolby AC3 (Dolby Digital) passed as AES data. The module has 16 channels of standard AES I/O and also provides an additional pair (one AES stream) for monitoring or other basic output functions providing a total of 18 channels of audio access on one module.

Unlike other audio processing modules these units also have dedicated video control features that include video ProcAmp controls and up to 12 frames of video delay. This allows the IQMUX42-49 to be employed as the prime control unit in a processing chain providing all audio and video controls required to prepare signals.

 Video capabilities extend to a large 12-frame video delay that can work in conjunction with the sophisticated delay features available for the audio channels. Delay can be inserted in the video path to compensate for audio processing. It can also be inserted in the audio path to compensate for video processing. It can be inserted in both to simply re-time the complete signal. The audio delays can be both fixed and can track video synchronizers to keep sound in perfect sync with the pictures. The audio delay capability can be used for non PCM audio so that Dolby E sources can be delayed either to match the video or to re-time the Dolby blocks to realign with the video frames if necessary.

Technical Details
  •  Multiplex unbalanced or balanced AES audio onto HD/SD-SDI video streams with channel-level control  
  • Demultiplex existing audio channels and output them to unbalanced or balanced AES
  •  Dolby E support – pair routing and automatic re-alignment and synchronization to the video frame boundary
  •  Standards supported:
  •  HD-SDI to SMPTE292M/274M/296M
  •  SD-SDI to SMPTE259M-C
  •  Capable of processing up to 16 input audio channels to 24-bits at rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz both synchronous and asynchronous to the video stream
  • Channel-level control allows up to 16 individual embedded audio channels to be swapped-over or swapped out
  • 4 off 4 channel assignable audio mixers
  •  Audio proc-amp and delay
  • 2 independent audio delay controls including selectable fixed delay and tracking delays for each (either selectable for any pair)
  • Tracking audio delay that tracks the video delay or external RollTrack inputs
  • Any group of embedded audio may be passed unchanged
  • Video delay feature, up to 12 frames
  •  Video controls including video gain and offset
  • Input SDI, CRC, EDH and ANC data checking and reporting
  •  Independent horizontal and vertical ancillary data blanking
  •  In-built test pattern generator
  • Input loss detection – input pass through or black/pattern/freeze
  •  16 x user memories
  • Naming for audio input, mixer and output channels for easy identification
  •  Why should you choose this module?
  •  Suitable for synchronous or asynchronous multiplexing and demultiplexing HD/SD-SDI applications using AES audio
  • Ideal for handling Dolby E compressed audio applications as advanced Dolby E alignment functions enable accurate timing to be maintained throughout the signal path
  •  Suitable for multi-lingual audio applications thanks to channel-level control and up to sixteen channel operation

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