SAM snell IQDEC05 Composite Decoder, Synchronizer with Noise Reduction 12 bit IQDEC0501-1A back

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SAM snell IQDEC05 Composite Decoder, Synchronizer with Noise Reduction 12 bit IQDEC0501-1A back

The SAM snell IQDEC05 Composite Decoder provides 12-bit composite decoding, synchronization and noise reduction in one compact module. It is ideal for providing the bridge between analog legacy operations and digital environments. When paired with an upconverter this module completes the bridge between analog and HD domains. The IQDEC02 handles most composite analog signal formats including PAL, NTSC-M, NTSC-J, PALN, N4.43, PAL60, PALM and SECAM.

The full frame synchronizer with horizontal and vertical phasing controls allows the output to be timed to your house or studio reference. Proc. amp controls and a powerful built-in noise reducer complete the specification. The noise reduction is targeted at preserving the original content while eliminating the objectionable artifacts of analog working. The noise reduction algorithms are tuned to ensure optimum quality and lowest bit-rates if the signal is subsequently compressed. 12-bit decoding technology means superior picture quality with minimum MPEG bit usage. 

Technical Details
  • 12 bit multi-standard decoder with frame synchronizer
  • Adaptive line comb decoding
  • Input standards - PAL*, NTSC*, NTSC-J, N4.43, PAL60, PALN*, PALM* or SECAM*
  • Auto detection of input standards
  • Minimal delay through the unit - < 7 lines (lock to input, decoder and noise reducer in minimum delay mode)
  • Motion adaptive recursive noise reducer with automatic noise floor measurement
  • Horizontal and vertical enhancer
  • VHS mode: Rugged sync and clock recovery ensures reliable operation for VHS playback and other noisy or unstable inputs
  • Y/C and composite inputs available
  • SECAM adaptive notch and chroma median filters
  • Selectable default output on loss of input - Frame freeze, pattern or input pass
  • Selectable VBI pass through (pass flat or blank for each VITS line)
  • Adjustment of video gain, black level, chroma gain, NTSC hue, horizontal Y/C timing and picture position

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