SAM IQVDA Analog Video Distribution Amplifier with 7 out back IQVDA0301-1A

  • $150.00

  • Brand: SAM
  • Model Number: IQVDA
  • Product Code: BS19512
  • Quantity in stock: 3
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The Grass Valley  IQVDA provides up to 7 equalized analog video outputs. Why should you choose this module?
  • Ideal budget distribution amplifier for analog video applications
  • Maintenance of video quality ensured by the 35 MHz frequency response
  • Equalizer ensures the flat response (±0.1 dB) to 15 MHz necessary for quality distribution

Snell IQVDA Analog Video Distribution Amplifier with 7 output back module is IQVDA0301-1A

Technical Details


• Up to 14 high-quality outputs

• Balanced loop-through input

• Terminating input option allows extra output

• 35 MHz bandwidth

• Equalizer, better than ±0.1 dB to 15 MHz with 100m RG59 cable

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