SAM IQSYN11 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual-channel Frame Synchronizer Licensed Options SD HD 3G

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SAM IQSYN11 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual-channel Frame Synchronizer Licensed Options SD HD 3G also called Grass Valley IQSYN11 or SNELL IQSYN11

The IQSYN11 from Grass Valley provides frame synchronization for HD-SDI at 3 Gb/s or 1.5 Gb/s, or SD-SDI 270 Mb/s. Includes dual-channel independent SDI input processing functionality and agile synchronization.

A video proc amp provides complete control over the video levels. The IQSYN11 is a space-efficient low-cost solution that includes core functionality

- Agile video synchronization provides greater tolerance to mis-timed upstream SDI switching (up to +/- 5 lines), ensuring disturbance free picture output. IQSYN11 3G/HD/SD-SDI is Dual Channel Frame Synchronizer

-Dual channel, flexible handling of input loss – pass through or switch to black/patterns/freeze - and integrated video controls make the IQSYN11 an ideal synchronizer for incoming lines applications • Full RollCall and SNMP compatibility allows easy integration with SAM, or third party, network management systems providing an all inclusive monitoring and control solution

Technical Details


• Dual-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI synchronizer providing two independent video processing paths on one card with up to three frames of video delay per channel

• Standards supported: – 3G-SDI to SMPTE ST 424/425 level A & B compatible – HD-SDI to SMPTE ST 292/274/296 – SD-SDI to SMPTE ST 259-C

• Loop-though reference capable of detecting and referencing to a bi-level or tri-level signal and selection from either external input directly or from internal IQH3B chassis reference bus

• Select either external input reference directly or from internal IQH3B chassis reference bus

• Precision genlock adjustment allowing you to time any SDI signal accurately

• Agile, router switching tolerant synchronizer operation

• Able to pass all ancillary data with independent HANC and VANC blanking control

• Input loss detection — default output of black/pattern/ freeze

• Edit function for static/animated caption overlay on video output

• Can be used as a video delay, up to three frames per channel

• Video proc amp controls including video gain, offset and hue, including Y/C picture position adjustment

• Built-in test pattern generator and audio tone generator

• 16x user memories, save/recall/rename

• GV Orbit control and monitoring compatible, with standard logging and reporting features

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