SAM IQHCO30 3G/HD/SD-SDI Signal Protection Module automatic change-over Licensed Options SDHD;3G

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The IQHCO30 provides back up protection for SDI signal paths based on input monitoring detection of signal errors resulting in automatic change-over to a back up feed on error state detection.

A powerful rules engine is available to provide logical conditions for auto-switching, whilst GPI (or RollTrack) inputs can force the unit to switch independent of signal state. Additional features include monitoring of the unselected input for video and audio signal confidence with group selectable AES audio monitoring. 

Technical Details

Feature Summary

The IQHCO30 provides the following features:

• 3 Gbit/s SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI operation

• Auto change-over from either input on pre-defined error conditions

• Input signal monitoring including SDI lock, EDH/CRC error, embedded audio loss and standard mismatch

• AES monitoring outputs for embedded audio signal monitoring

• Selectable SDI and AES monitoring outputs enable either input to be monitored independent of the main signal selection

• In-built test pattern generator and AES audio tone generator

• 16x user memories, save/recall/rename

• RollCall monitoring allows all signal paths to be managed

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