SAM IQADA00 Single/Dual-channel Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier with with D-Type IQADA0036-1A back

  • $180.00

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The IQADA00 from Grass Valley provides dual analog inputs with up to five outputs per input, or a single analog input with up to ten outputs.

Why should you choose this module?

  • Ideal stereo distribution amplifier for large analog audio applications
  • Maintenance of audio quality ensured by very low THD+N and 24 dBu input headroom
  • Up to ten balanced transformerless outputs
  • Full GV Orbit compatibility provides an all-inclusive remote configuration, control and monitoring solution
  • Comprehensive SNMP support allows easy integration with third-party Network Management Systems

Technical Details


• Configurable for one input to ten outputs, or two inputs to five outputs per input (dependent on rear panel type)

• Very low THD+N

• Output gain remotely adjustable from +24 dB to -24 dB with fine control

• +24 dBu headroom

• GV Orbit control and monitoring compatible 

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