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RTS ZEUS II 24-channel Digital matrix intercom RTS ZEUS II 24-channel Digital matrix intercom
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Brand: RTS Model: ZEUS II
The RTS Zeus II Matrix intercom system provides 24 channels of high-quality audio in a compact two (2) RU (Rack Unit) package with the added benefit of linking to other RTS matrix intercoms via intelligent trunking. Each channel is capable of supporting any of the RTS line of matrix key panels, or..
Brand: RTS Model: TELEX RTS Bus Expansion Card
The TELEX RTS Bus Expansion Card is an accessory designed to expand the capabilities of an RTS (Radio Telephone System) intercom system. This card typically fits into the mainframe of an RTS intercom and extends its capacity to accommodate additional audio channels, allowing for more users or de..
Brand: RTS Model: IFB 4030
Telex RTS IFB 4030 Passive IFB BeltpackThe passive Telex RTS IFB 4030-M is a single-channel, listen-only IFB belt pack station intended for use with RTS digital matrix intercom systems. It allows talents, such as newscasters, musicians, and sportscasters, to receive director instructions alone or to..
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