RTS ZEUS II 24-channel Digital matrix intercom

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  • Brand: RTS
  • Model Number: ZEUS II
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The RTS Zeus II Matrix intercom system provides 24 channels of high-quality audio in a compact two (2) RU (Rack Unit) package with the added benefit of linking to other RTS matrix intercoms via intelligent trunking.

Each channel is capable of supporting any of the RTS line of matrix key panels, or 4-wire inputs and outputs for the program, party line, and IFB feed. The Zeus II comes complete with AZedit, a Windows-based, full-featured configuration software, providing on-line and off-line programming capabilities.

Technical Details
  • Redundant power supplies standard, the unit comes complete with two (2) completely independent power supplies that can be powered from separate AC feeds. Because of the extremely low power consumption, the use of low cost UPS units for particularly critical installations is possible. 
  • Meet any communications needs without rewiring, jumper changes, or the need to take the system off-line. Nearly all changes can be made by the users, using a keypanel. More involved changes can be made on-line or off-line using the AZedit programming software. 
  • All communications modes are provided, Zeus comes standard with full support for point-to-point communications, party-line conferences, IFBs, isolate, and special lists. 
  • Better than CD quality audio, Zeus uses the RTS TDM ASIC to perform all audio switching and mixing in the digital reel. Input and outputs are converted at 44.1kHz, 20-Bits for a full 20kHz bandwidth. The TDM ASIC performs all DSP with 45-Bits resolution, avoiding any degradation of communications, regardless of the number of users on a given path. 
  • External interfaces standard, eight (8) GPIOs (General Purpose Inputs and Outputs) are provided for control of external devices including 2-way radios, tally and alarm indicators. A serial port is also provided for connection of RTS accessories including additional GPIO, level control panels, conference assignment panels and program assignment panels.

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