RTS Telex Cronus Coax 16-Port Digital Intercom Matrix model 90007770200

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RTS Telex Cronus Coax 16-Port Digital Intercom Matrix model 90007770200

RTS Cronus is a modular 32-port Digital Matrix Intercom in 2 RU (rack units) holding up to four (4) cards with eight (8) ports each. Based upon an advanced DSP architecture, Cronus has the ability to link up to four (4) units into a single 128 port matrix. Through the use of standard video coaxial cable, the maximum distance between the first and last Cronus system can be 300 ft.

and still appear as a single matrix. However, when using the Fiber Option card, the distance is increased up to 15 kilometers nominally. When connected as a single matrix, the individual Cronus controls remains autonomous and independent at each matrix for the highest reliability.

Technical Details
  • USB Connectivity, convenient front panel access as well as traditional rear access for system programming. You may use either the front panel access or the rear panel access at a time.
  • Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) designed to support audio signal processing on all 32 ports (inputs).
  • Modular architecture allows for port expansion from 8 to 32 ports giving each user expandable systems in the field.
  • Redundant Power Supply, each chassis is powered by two (2) power supplies, either of which can sufficiently power all the equipment alone. This provides constant power and disaster recovery even with the failure of one (1) power supply.
  • RVON-C Voice-Over IP option card expands the capabilities of the system.

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