RTS Telex PS-15 Power Supply

  • $220.00

  • Brand: RTS
  • Model Number: PS-15
  • Product Code: BS18495
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RTS Telex PS-15 Power Supply is designed to work within the TW intercom system. The PS-15 is suitable for small to medium-sized TW intercom systems. The unit is self-contained and features two-channel operation: one "wet" channel with 24 to 32 volts DC and one "dry" channel without voltage potential.


Technical Details
  •  Outputs: One powered channel, CH1, (audio + DC + 200?/400? 10% termination}, and one passive channel, CH2, (audio + 200/400? 20% termination).
  • Output Voltage
  • No Load: 32.0 +2.0. -1.0 volts
  • Full Load: 24.0 volts. Nominal

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