RTS MKP-4 with MCS325 modular loudspeaker

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  • Brand: RTS
  • Model Number: MKP-4
  • Product Code: BS19007
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The MKP-4 Modular Keypanel can be rack-mounted or used on a desktop. It is ideal for users who want full access to the most commonly used keypanel features, and who generally communicate with four or fewer locations in the intercom system at any given time. At the same time, it features a simple, intuitive user interface, which lets the key panel operator quickly change the key assignments if needed.

Technical Details

■ Works with ADAM, ADAM CS and Zeus Digital Matrix Intercom Systems.

■ Full-function intercom keys with LED indicators.

■ Alphanumeric call waiting window with response key.

■ Full access to intercom key and setup page assignments.

■ 4-wire, balanced audio input and output.

■ Use with a headset or with a microphone and speaker. Works with: RTS headsets with A4M connector; MCP5 and MCP6 Panel Microphones; MCS325 Modular Speaker.

■ Easy installation setup.

■ One rack unit (RU) high, ½ RU wide. Mounts in a standard equipment rack with RTS MCP rack mount hardware. Can be mounted in same rack unit with an MCS325 Modular Speaker.

■ Universal Power: Ready for worldwide use. Accepts any mains voltage from 90-240 VAC, 47/63 Hz.

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