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RTS Telex LCP-102 Level Control Panel

RTS - LCP-102
RTS - LCP-102
RTS - LCP-102
RTS - LCP-102
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RTS - LCP-102
RTS - LCP-102
RTS - LCP-102
RTS - LCP-102
RTS Telex LCP-102 Level Control Panel
  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Code: BS18321
  • Model: LCP-102

The LCP-102 combines the features of an analog trim panel, a CDP (Camera Delegate) panel, and a PAP (Program Assign Panel) in a single frame (2 rack units). You can easily switch between three (3) panel modes and make rapid configuration changes using the menu selector on the front panel. In each mode, you can make up to 64 assignments and then adjust the assignment levels. For example,

In Trims mode, you can assign and adjust the analog input and output trims for up to 64 intercom ports.

In PAP mode, you can select the program input source and set its level for each of 64 IFBs.

In CDP mode, you can assign up to 64 intercom ports to any combination of party lines and then adjust the listen level for each participant on that party line.

The LCP-102 connects to the auxiliary data port of any ADAM, ADAM CS, Cronus or Zeus intercom system. Also, it has a loop connector for connection to an auxiliary device, such as another LCP-102, or a UIO-256/GPIO-16 frame. Since a single LCP-102 provides trim adjustments for 64 ports, only one (1) unit is required to completely configure an ADAM CS or Zeus system. For larger ADAM intercom systems, up to 15 additional LCP-102 frames can be connected via the loop connectors

RTS Telex LCP-102 Level Control Panel

Technical Details

  • Depth : 7.13" (18.1 cm)
  • Depth : 7 in
  • Height : 3.5" (8.89 cm)
  • Height : 3.50 in
  • Power Consumption : 13 W
  • Width : 19" (48.26 cm)
  • Width : 19 in
  • Function : Multifunction Remote Assignment
  • Product Weight : 8.18 lbs
  • Color : Gray
  •  Systems Controlled - Audio
  •  Systems Controlled - Displays