RTS KP412LK-DKP-E desktop panel only for spare parts

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RTS KP412LK-DKP-E desktop panel only for spare parts

The RTS KP 412 key panel fits in a standard 19” rack and is one (1) rack-unit high. It has 12 keys, each key consisting of one (1) listen button and one (1) talk button. Ten keys are used for intercom talk and listen and two (2) keys are for callwaiting response. In addition, there are two (2) encoders. One (1) encoder is used for Headset, Microphone, Auxiliary Input, and Matrix In volume adjustment. The other encoder knob is used for menu selection. The KP 412 keypanel has a standard numerical keypad with four (4) extra keys: Mic Mute, User Assignable, Page Up, and Page Down.

    the KP 412 has a 4-character display panel. The KP 612/KP 412 keypanels have added significant new features such as digital signal processing (DSP). The KP 612/KP 412 key panels also offer a custom design LCD display with support for 16 x 16 Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, and English characters. The KP 612/KP 412 key panels are made of pressed aluminum/metal and feature state of the art audio processors and drivers. There are three (3) different keypanel models to choose between: Desktop, Rack Mount, and Rack Mount-Lever Key.

    Technical Details

    Talk/Listen Configuration:

    Contains 12 keys, with 10 keys available for full talk/listen configuration. Keys support both latching (hands-free) and momentary (push-to-talk) operation. Plus an extensive scrollable menu system (accessed using an encoder). Menus include helpful prompts to walk the user through the setup. The 11th and 12th keys are used for the CWW (Call Waiting Window).

    Call Waiting Window:

    The 11th and 12th display position are used as a CWW, while the 12th key can be used for menu displays. The CWW is configured through the menu. The user has three (3) assignable options from the menu, as follows:
    • No CWW
    • One CWW (12th key only)
    • Two CWW (11th and 12th key)

    Character Display:

    The LCD display is custom designed to show 16x16 display size, Japanese or Kanji characters. Each LCD shows two (2) rows of 16-characters for a total of 32-characters. Each display area shows 8-character alphas per key (Talk/Listen).

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