RTS IFB-828 8-channel ifb panel with volume controls

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The RTS IFB-828 interfaces up to eight (8) RTS Systems’ Model IFB-325, 4020, or 4030 IFB beltpacks to any RTS Digital Matrix Intercom System, and it provides power to the beltpacks. The IFB-828 is used as a simple program interface to feed two (2) separate program sources to each of eight (8) 4020 or 4030 beltpacks (16 program sources to eight (8) beltpacks total).

RTS IFB-828 8-channel ifb panel with volume controls 

Technical Details

Audio Inputs

Type: Balanced (transformer coupled) Level: +4 to +8dBu
Impedance: Approximately 600 Ohms

Audio Outputs

Type: Unbalanced
Level: -10 to -6dBu
Output Power (each IFB beltpack channel): +24VDC, 200mA


19” (483mm) W x 1.75” (44.5mm) H x 7.5” (191mm) D

Input Power Requirements

110/120 or 220/240VAC, 50/60Hz, selectable via a back panel switch


Input (J9)

Type: 50-pin telco
Outputs (J1 to J8)

Type: 3-pin male XLR
Pin 1: Audio and DC Common
Pin 2: +IFB audio (interrupt audio) and +24VDC Pin 3: +Direct program audio (non-interrupt audio)


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