Telex RTS IFB 4030 Passive IFB Beltpack

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  • Brand: RTS
  • Model Number: IFB 4030
  • Product Code: BS18492
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Telex RTS IFB 4030 Passive IFB Beltpack

The passive Telex RTS IFB 4030-M is a single-channel, listen-only IFB belt pack station intended for use with RTS digital matrix intercom systems. It allows talents, such as newscasters, musicians, and sportscasters, to receive director instructions alone or to receive both audio program feed and director instructions. It can also be used by behind-the-scene personnel for production coordination and control.

The RTS IFB 4030-M features a monaural 1/4" phone jack for headphone/earset connection and a dented volume knob to help prevent accidental maladjustment during use.

Technical Details
  • For RTS Digital Matrix Intercom Systems
  • Listen-Only IFB Beltpack
  • Monaural 1/4" Jack for Headphone/Earset
  • Dented Volume Control Knob

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