RTS Telex DSI-2008 Digital Interface System-to-System with PS-15 Power Supply

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The RTS Telex DSI 2008 Dual Digital Hybrid interfaces two (2), 2-wire intercom lines to two(2), 4-wire intercom lines. Unlike earlier analog hybrids, the DSI 2008 features advanced digital signal processing to achieve automatic nulling of the 2-wire lines. Plus, each hybrid features convenient peak-reading level meters to quickly match the levels between the lines being interfaced. The result is easy and accurate setup. With the DSI 2008, all need for test tones, nulling adjustments and ducking adjustments have been eliminated.

Compatible 2-wire intercom systems include RTS TW and Audiocom. Compatible 4-wire intercom systems include ADAM, ADAM-M, ADAM CS, Zeus, and Zeus III Digital Matrix Intercom Systems.

The DSI 2008 is also available with optional call signal interfacing. This option provides bi-directional call signal compatibility between the 2-wire and 4-wire intercom systems.

With features like digital signal processing, peak-reading level meters and option call signal interfacing, the DSI 2008 Dual Digital Hybrid assures ease of setup and maximum transparency between intercom systems.

RTS Telex DSI-2008 Digital Interface System-to-System with PS-15 Power Supply 

Technical Details

Two (2) Independent Hybrids: Interface two (2) separate 2-wire lines to two (2) separate 4-wire lines.

Automatic Nulling: Digital hybrids eliminate all nulling and ducking adjustments. Quick, trouble-free setup. Puts an end to concerns about echo and feedback when interfacing 2-wire lines.

Peak Reading Level Meters: Quick and accurate visual audio level adjustment. No extra setup equipment or guesswork is required.

Direct ADAM/ADAM-M/Zeus/Zeus III Audio Connection: Accepts standard DB-9 or RJ-11 keypanel cables.

Transformer Isolated: All audio inputs and outputs are transformer isolated to prevent ground loops and hum.

Call Signal Option: Detects call signals from any of the compatible 2-wire intercom systems, and then provides a +5 VDC output to the 4-wire intercom system. Accepts a contact closure input from the 4-wire system and converts it to the call signal format required by the 2-wire system. The DSI 2008 can be directly connected to an ADAM, ADAM-M, ADAM CS, Zeus, or Zeus III GPI (General Purpose Interface). GPI inputs can be programmed to activate call signals and audio paths to any of the available types of communication with the 4-wire system, including intercom ports, camera ISO circuits, IFB circuits, etc. GPI outputs can be set up to place calls only from a specific keypanel within the 4-wire system, or from any keypanel within the 4-wire system that wishes to call the 2-wire system.


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