RTS BP-325 Portable Beltpack Station 2-Channel

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  • Brand: RTS
  • Model Number: BP-325
  • Product Code: BS18491
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the Telex RTS BP-325 is a 2-channel portable beltpack station designed to work in conjunction with RTS Two-Wire intercom systems and the appropriate, dynamic headset mic. It facilitates conversations across the air-waves in one of two fashions: you can either hold down the Talk button—which instantiates momentary mode, allowing you to remain inaudible when you're not pressing the button—or, conversely, tap the Talk button a few times, which will occasion the mechanism to latch into an ever-on position. Be advised, if you instantiate latching mode, everything you say will be heard until such time as you turn it off.

This unit also sports the ability to send out a call signal, should you need page someone on one of the two provided channels. Likewise, you might also find yourself paged; in this case, the red call LED will flash, presenting you with the opportunity to speak with the person courting your attention.

RTS BP-325 Portable Beltpack Station 2-Channel

Technical Details
  • Stereo or Mono Headset Mic Compatibility
  • Two Talk Modes
  • Call Function
  • Sidetone Control for Self-Vocal Level
  • Microphone Kill Detect
  • External Power via RTS Intercom System

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