ROLAND EDIROL VC-200HD CONVERTER Bi-Directional Multi-Format 117v

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The VC-200HD Bi-Directional Multi-Format Converter with Audio Delay from Edirol/Roland is a device designed to convert the format of a wide variety of video and audio signals.

ROLAND EDIROL VC-200HD CONVERTER Bi-Directional Multi-Format 117v

Technical Details

HDV/DV Conversion Feature

This converts analog component, DVI-I, or SDI (HD/SD) signals to HDV or DV in real-time. It can also go the other way and convert HDV or DV streams to analog components, DVI, or SDI (HD/SD) signals.

* Only the VC-300HD supports SDI signals.

High-performance Scaler

The unit has a built-in scaler that can convert input video to video formats having a different number of pixels. For example, it’s possible to convert 720p video, or RGB video from a computer, to 1080i.

High-quality 4:4:4 10-bit Processing

The VC-200HD/VC-300HD uses 4:4:4/10-bit processing for video calculations. Analog component input is also digitized at 4:4:4 with a 10-bit depth. This means that video handled by the unit is processed at the highest quality possible, so there is no degradation.

Simultaneous Output

The converted video is simultaneously output to each output connector.

* See p. 45 for the relationship between formats and the connectors that can provide a particular type of output. With certain combinations, some output connectors cannot provide output in the selected video format with some combinations.

HD-SDI Input and Output

This VC-300HD is capable of SDI (HD/SD) input and output. This lets you input video digitally from commercial-use video equipment using a single BNC cable.

Component Input and Output

You can input and output HD and SD video using analog components. For instance, it’s possible to convert output from the V-440HD Multi-format Video Mixer to HDV or HDSDI. You can then input the converted video to an HDV video deck or HD device for recording.

DVI-I Input

RGB video from a computer can be input, so you can record presentations and the like on HDV or other video formats. Because DVI-I is supported, you can use either analog or digital signals.

Reference-signal Input and Output

The unit’s external synchronizing-signal input is compatible with black burst as well as 2-level and 3-level synchronization. This lets you synchronize the unit to the existing house sync.

Audio Input and Output

with Audio Delay You can input analog audio and embed it in HDV or SDI video. What’s more, you can set an audio delay, enabling you to delay the audio so it matches a video signal that’s been delayed as the result of being routed through a switcher (or for some other reason). You can even make delay settings for audio data input from HDV or SDI

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