Rohde & Schwarz TV test receiver EFA (ATSC/8VSB Test Demodulator EFA 2067.3004.53)

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In order to broadcast TV programs with  optimum quality and in compliance  with DVB-T standards, all components  of the transmission chain must be of  high-grade design. But not only does  the quality of the components play a  major role. It must also be ensured that  all components operate in the specified  ranges and that possible problems are  detected early on.

In this context, the  DVB-T models of the ¸EFA family of  test receivers meet the demand for high-precision reception measurements. Compact in design and featuring comprehensive automatic test functionality, the  instrument is ideal for R & D, modulator  production testing, and in-service monitoring of TV signals.

Rohde & Schwarz TV test receiver EFA (ATSC/8VSB Test Demodulator EFA 2067.3004.53) 

Technical Details

All  DVB-T  modes  supported  in  line with  ETSI  EN  300744

High-end  demodulator High-end  test  receiver

Areas  of  application:  production,   

single  frequency  network    installation   and  adjustment,  monitoring,     coverage,  research  and  development,  service

Comprehensive  measurement  and   monitoring  functions


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