televes Repartidor conmutable 9 x 16 9x 16 splitter multiswitch

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  • Brand: televes
  • Model Number: 9x 16 splitter multiswitch
  • Product Code: BS17846
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Range of 9 input multiswitches available in 8,12,16,24 and 32 user outputs. It has 9 outputs which allow us to expand the number of users by cascading two or more units. Using a switch, we can load the unit (standalone) or not (cascade configurations).

The range includes standard multi- switches and QUAD compatible versions. A 9x line amplifier (8+1 terrestrial) is included in this range, with 25dB average gain for Satellite inputs and 26 dB gain for Terrestrial with DC pass.

Technical Details
  • Small size and compact design: make teh most of space to accomodate more TV subscribers.
  • Independent amplification of every feed: 8 SAT + 1 terrestrial.
  • Independent output level adjustment, except QUAD Compatible units.
  • Adjustable gain and equalization.
  • Multiple poweting options: Jack, VLow, Terrestrial Input/Output and user outputs.
  • Cascable and Standalone configuration: one multiswitch, many configurations.

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