DEV Systemtechnik Redundancy Switches DEV 1820/8

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DEV Systemtechnik Redundancy Switches DEV 1820/8. The common base of the DEV 1x20/xx and the DEV 1530/xx is a 19” 3 RU chassis prepared for the integration of various switch modules. The field of application is indicated by the different model numbers, please refer to the next page, where the functionality of the different switch modules is explained. The instruments of this series are available with a different number of switch modules installed, indicated by “/xx” which can be either /4, /8, /12, or /16.

There are various possibilities to operate the instrument: First, there is the operation via the push buttons on the instrument thus enabling the local control. The default Basic Web Interface provides features for checking the health status of the instrument and for changing the basic setup of the instrument. The instrument can be equipped with the Web Interface Option (Option 78), which additionally permits the full control of the instrument, in terms of switching and setting up specific parameters. Additionally, the implementation of protocols (Sandar Prosan, Leitch, SNMP) provides the remote control and surveillance of the instrument.

Multi Channel ASI Redundancy Switch, 75 Ohm BNC

ASI Redundancy Switch Module For ASI signal applications in 75 Ohm with BNC connectors. The module combines a 2:1 input selection and a 1:3 active distribution amplifier for ASI signals. One of two inputs feeds the three parallel outputs. The signal transmission of DC is blocked.

Technical Details





Number of slots for the switch


(DEV 1x20/4, DEV 1530/4)



(DEV 1x20/8, DEV 1530/8)



(DEV 1x20/12, DEV 1530/12)



(DEV 1x20/16, DEV 1530/16)

Remote Communication


• Ethernet, RJ-45


Interfaces, connectors





• serial interface RS 232 (optional RS 422/RS 485), Sub-D-9 (f)

Remote control & surveillance,


• via (optional) Web Interface, Ethernet;



• via Sandar Prosan protocol, serial interface;



• via SNMP protocol, Ethernet;



• via Leitch protocol, Ethernet/Telnet (up to 7 sessions)



and optional via serial interface.





Two stage alarm signalisation




for power line failure


Potential free contacts


Alarm connector


Sub-D-9 (m)


Contact load


60 V; 0,3 A




One power supply unit does not deliver any secondary power.



All power supply units do not deliver any secondary power.

Summary Alarm


Via remote interface and via potential free contacts

Redundant Power Supply


100…240 V AC supplied by two different lines

Redundant power supplies


Power consumption


~30…50 VA, absolute max. 100 VA

General Specifications


19“ (483 mm), 3 RU (133 mm), 495 mm depth





~9…12 kg


Environmental conditions


ETS 300019 Part 1-3

Class 3.1






DEV 1220 – DEV 11-0051 DPST Switch Module, DC…2,5 GHz, 50 Ohm, SMA (f)

RF Specifications


DC…2,5 GHz


Frequency range



Number of inputs




Number of outputs




Impedance, connectors


50 Ohm, SMA (f)


Damage level


+30 dBm


Return loss selected path


>14 dB, typical 16 dB


Return loss not selected path


>14 dB, typical 16 dB


Insertion loss


<2 dB


Isolation on/off


>50 dB


Relay type




Contact rating


28 V DC, 0,25 A


Switching cycles



(no DC)




(28 V DC, 0,25 A)


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