Raritan P2-umt 442 Paragon 4 User 42 Port Matrix KVM Switch

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The Raritan Paragon UMT442-RK is a scalable, multi-platform, Cat5-based server management system with an impressive array of innovations that set it apart from traditional KVM switches. A flexible, high performance stand-alone KVM solution, its high port-density, Category 5 UTP connections, multi-platform compatibility and thin form factor also make it ideal for tiered configurations that will enable economical, secure, non-blocked multi-user access to 10,000 servers up to 1,000 feet from up to 64 users.


Innovative modular architecture


The Raritan Paragon UMT442-RK distributes switching and control functions across three modular, intelligent building blocks. Distributing KVM switching functions satisfies the most challenging server management requirements: meeting space, distance and capacity needs; eliminating any single point of failure; supporting scalable growth; and reducing total cost of ownership.

A Paragon system consists of the following components, all connected using enhanced Category 5 UTP cable:

Matrix Switching Unit--an intelligent, non-blocking control center that connects users to selected computers. It includes RJ45 jacks for connecting up to 4 User Stations and up to 42 Computer Interface Modules (CIMs).

User Station--connects each user console (PS/2 or Sun keyboard, mouse, and monitor) to the Matrix Switching Unit and provides user interface to computers.

Computer Interface Module (CIM)--connects each computer to the Matrix Switching Unit and provides dedicated, keep-alive keyboard/mouse emulation and fail-safe KVM access.

Technical Details

Paragon II offers the industry’s best video quality with resolutions as high as: 

ƒ 1920 x 1440 – at distances of up to 1,000 feet (305 meters), at refresh rates of 60 Hz 

ƒ 1600 x 1200 – at distances greater than 1,000 feet (305 meters), at refresh rates of 60 Hz, 75 Hz and 85 Hz. Paragon II supports automatic skew compensation and widescreen resolutions, such as 1440 x 900.  

The Multiple Video feature enables up to 16 user stations to simultaneously receive the video output from multiple servers or servers with multiple video ports. And Video Redirect provides easy redirection of video to any user station within a Paragon II system – a natural fit for NOC displays, video walls, broadcast control rooms and more.  

Paragon II includes a control interface for the NVISION® NV5128 audio/video router from Miranda Technologies – delivering not only audio to Paragon II users, but digital video as well. The control interface is built into Paragon Manager®, which continuously monitors usage of Paragon II, and through the NV5128, “switches” audio and/or digital video to users based on easy mapping that’s configured by an administrator.

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