Rane Seq 30S Stereo 30 Band Graphic Equalizer

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The RANE SEQ 30S is a stereo equalizer, so adjusting any slider affects both channels simultaneously. Begin by setting all sliders to their center detent (0 dB), and the INPUT LEVEL to its center detent (0 dB). Try to make more cuts than boosts. After equalizing, use the EQ switch to compare equalized and non-equalized signal. While EQ is switched to ACTIVE (out), adjust the INPUT LEVEL to the same level as when EQ is switched to BYPASS (in).

You may use either the XLR or ¼" connectors for Inputs or Outputs. Connect only one INPUT type per channel. The XLR and ¼" TRS inputs do not sum. You may, however, use both types of OUTPUTS simultaneously if desired. Rane is best brand when it comes to professional audio equipment. 


Technical Details

INPUT LEVEL control and indicators

This controls the overall level. 0 dB gain is reached at the center detent with all sliders centered at their 0 dB detents. Set the INPUT LEVEL to give equal volumes with the EQ switched to ACTIVE or BYPASS, after setting the sliders (see EQ BYPASS switch below). Apply sufficient signal to the input to occasionally light the +4 dBu indicator. Flashing of the OL (overload) LED during peaks can be avoided by turning the INPUT LEVEL or boosted Filters down.

Filter level slide controls

Each of these sliders control the output level of both channels of the 30 bandpass filters. Center position is grounded for guaranteed flat response.

EQ BYPASS switch

When pressed to BYPASS, the filter sliders have no effect. Since actual unity gain depends on varying slider settings, use the BYPASS switch to determine the unity gain position of the INPUT LEVEL control by comparing ACTIVE and BYPASS volumes.


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