Radyne RCS11 Redundancy Switch SN 2128

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The RCS11 1:1 Redundancy Switch provides simple backup redundancy protection for all configurations of DMD15, DMD20, DMD50 and DMD2050 SCPC modems and the DM240 / DD240 DVB series of Digital Video Modulators and Demodulators. The backup functions of the RCS11 may be performed automatically, manually or from Terminal Mode.

Operating in the automatic mode, the RCS11 immediately places a non-faulted backup modem online in the event of a primary online modem failure. In the manual mode, the user may designate the selected online primary modem either from the interactive front panel or a remote terminal interface.

Technical Details


  • Redundancy Protection for DMD15, DMD20, DMD50, DMD2050, DM240 & DD240 Series
  • Automatic or manual modes of operation
  • Self-contained dual redundant power supplies
  • Manual operation from front panel or remote control
  • Independent (mod/demod) or coupled (modem) backup capability
  • IF options – 70/140 MHz or L-Band
  • Supports 10/100Base-T Ethernet switching

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