Radyne ComStream DVB-3030 Digital Video Broadcast Modulator

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The Radyne ComStream Corporation DVB3030 and DVB3030L Digital Video Satellite Modulators (Figure 1-1) combine full compatibility with digital video standards, and the best features of a flexible programmable modulator at a low price. They are designed as high-speed, frequency-agile, multi-data rate digital uplinks. The DVB3030 and DVB3030L are ideal for use in digital video hub uplinks, and mobile Satellite Newsgathering (SNG) vehicles. Other applications include video distribution and one-way data distribution.

The modulator offers a full frequency agile IF output from 50 MHz to 90 MHz or from 100 MHz to 180 MHz, or L-Band (from 950 MHz to 1750 MHz) in 100 Hz steps. Data rates from 1 Mbps to

78.75 Mbps (1.0 to 45.0 Msps) can be set in 1 bps increments. The modulator is fully compliant with ETS (European Telecom Standard) 300-421, DVB and MPEG-2 standards.

The DVB3030 and DVB3030L Modulators are completely programmable from the front panel. Menus are specifically designed for ease of use and quick online operation as well as for changes in modulator configuration. All aspects of the modulator can also be monitored and controlled through the RS-232/RS-485 Serial Control Port or Ethernet Port. Operating parameters, such as data rates and IF frequencies can be readily set and changed at the front panel or through a remote serial interface. An optional 1:1 Redundancy Control Switch (RCS11) can be employed to give the DVB3030 and DVB3030L high systems reliability.

Note: Unless specified, DVB3030 denotes both the DVB3030 and DVB3030L units.


Technical Details

Frequency Range: 50 - 90 MHz, 100 - 180 MHz

Optional: 950 - 1525 MHz (DVB3030L)

Step Size: 100 Hz

Stability: 10 ppm

2. Output Level: +5 to -20 dBm (-5 to -30 for DVB3030L) Step Size: 0.1 dB Accuracy: ± 0.5 dB Stability: ± 0.5 dB

3. Output Impedance: 75 Ohms Option: 50 Ohms

4. Return Loss: 20 dB

5. Phase Noise: 100 Hz -63 dBc 1 KHz -73 dBc 10 KHz -83 dBc 100 KHz -93 dBc

6. Connector: BNC, Female

7. Modulation: QPSK, BPSK Optional

8. Spectral Mask: Per ETS 300-421

9. Spurious Output: -55 dBc In-Band -45 dBc Out-of-Band 

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