Symetrix Airtools 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay with panel

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Symetrix Airtools 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay with panel
is a device used to delay broadcast audio for obscenity control or talent breaks. When activated this unit will delay programming up to 40 seconds. It features an Automation Control Interface, Digital Audio I/O and time code input and output.

Automation Control Interface
Offers the ability to trigger automation changes or control a router with delayed contact closures 

Manual control is offered to the user through the COUGH or DUMP functions; when the operator hears an offensive word the DUMP button can be pressed and held for a length similar to the delay time. The audio after the delay will be the first to hit the airwaves. The COUGH button allows the talent to cough, sneeze or take a beverage drink. 

Time Code
Time code input and output is offered for accurate "Time In Delay" display. 

Digital Audio
This model has the ability to work with AES/EBU audio as well as analog. 

Word Clock
A work clock input is offered for user specific applications. 

Remote Operation
Remote operation can be accessed via contact closure, RS-232 or RS-485. 
Technical Details
  • Up to 40 seconds of delay (user programmable in 0.1 second increments).
  • Full 20 kHz stereo bandwidth, perfect for music and speech.
  • Advanced delay technology - user selectable delay algorithms.
  • Remotely controlled from the AirTools RC-6000 or from your custom panel.
  • Standard (not an option) AES3/EBU digital input and output as well as analog I/O.
  • TC89 clock input and output for display of time in delay.
  • Automation Control Interface (closure inputs & output relays) for seamless segues.
  • Backwards compatible with the Symetrix RC-610 and most existing custom wiring.
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