QMOD-HDSC HDTV scaler Modulator

  • $300.00

  Usually dispatched in 2-4 working days

CR QMOD™ technology is opening the door to new HDTV applications. Create your own on-site HDTV broadband distribution system using a variety of HD, SD, and AV sources with the Contemporary Research QMOD-HD HDTV Modulator. No matrix routers or IP resources are required, just tune in with standard displays or CR HDTV tuners.

Technical Details
  • Super-easy scaling for VGA or Component input up to 1920x 1080 (see resolution list in Specifications), Auto-scales by resolution, the format in few simple steps:
  • Horizontal - Up/down arrows zoom and shrink, left/right move image on the horizontal axis
  •  Vertical - Up/Down rows move image up and down, Left/Right zooms and shrinks vertically
  •  Clock Phase – adjust scanning to optimize image
  •  QMOD-HDSC automatically saves formatting for each resolution (different refresh rates are saved as unique presets)
  •  Provides EDID data to support Apple and Windows 7 high-resolution connections (with upcoming firmware update)
  •  Employs pro-grade HD encoding that minimizes artifacts for motion video and signage “tickers”
  •  Merges audio with video from the analog stereo, digital optical, and coax inputs
  •  Creates an HD 720p/1080i or SD 480p/480i MPEG-2 stream with MPEG1 stereo audio for broadcast Delivers a fully agile QAM 64/256 digital cable channel 2-135
  •  Presently, the composite video input is not operational
  •  Amplifies for distribution over an on-site broadband cable system with adjustable output level, compatible with all cable format broadband systems
  •  Sets up with front-panel buttons and easy to use menus, including inputs, encoding, channel, and RF options
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