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prospect k8r 8 channel talkback

Prospect - k8r
Prospect - k8r
Prospect - k8r
Prospect - k8r
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Prospect - k8r
Prospect - k8r
Prospect - k8r
Prospect - k8r
prospect k8r 8 channel talkback
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  • Code: BS18317
  • Model: k8r

The K-series range of 1U, rack-mount talkback units provides up to eight channels of 4-wire communications for a small studio or outside broadcast vehicle. The range includes several models, each of which enables the user to configure each channel independently to provide different routing, monitoring and control functions to suit the application.

 prospect k8r 8 channel talkback systems. k8r is 8-channel 4-wire/IFB talkback unit.

Technical Details

*Six and eight-channel versions, each channel selectable to 4-wire co-ord or IFB operation.

*Shared control option allows two units to be linked to enable simultaneous operation from two positions.

*Four IFB bus inputs plus input loop-through IFB selectable on each channel.

*Monitoring of IFB and reverse talkback inputs on each channel.

*2-wire mode selectable on one channel, with or without IFB feed.

*Independent gain setting for headset and stalk microphones with LED indication of talkback output level.

*Headset or stalk microphone selectable manually and by default at power-up.

*External I/O control for LS CUT & DIM.

*Power output to external LS.

*Universal mains power input.

*Optional wide-range DC power input.

*Optional TALK-switch GPI outputs.

*Independent configuration of each channel to select the required routing, monitoring and control functions.