AVT MAGIC AD1 XIP RM Audio decorder

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The MAGIC Audio Contribution System is designed especially for the contribution of audio signals from the studio to transmitter locations 

MAGIC AC1 XIP RM which are linked to the E1 Multiplexer via IP. The E1 and the IP interface can be configured as main or backup path according the technical requirements. Note that this system does not offer an ISDN backup. 

AVT MAGIC AD1 XIP RM Audio decorder

Technical Details
  • Transmission of 10 or more Stereo Audio signals inclusive data for e.g. RDS
  • Main contribution via E1 (2-Mbit) or IP
  • Backup contribution via ISDN, E1 or IP
  • Centralised configuration, management and moni[1]toring of whole network using a comfortable Windows PC software
  • Integration in a network management systems via SNMP
  • Audio monitoring of transmitter locations via 7- kHz audio backward channel
  • Manual delay compensation in case of different latencies of the used networks The system offers - depending on the version - a con[1]nection to E1, IP- and ISDN networks.

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