Allen & Heath iDR-Switch 24 In 16 Out Switch Controller spare parts

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Allen & Heath iDR-Switch 24 In 16 Out Switch Controller spare parts

The iDR-switch is an add-on control expander for the iDR-8 audio mix processor. It provides an additional 24 switch closure control inputs and 16 logic control outputs in a 1U high rack or desk mount case. Up to three units can be connected providing up to 72 additional switch and 48 additional logic controls. These can be custom wired by the installer to allow external equipment to control pre-determined mixer functions, or the mixer to control external equipment. Typical applications include room wall plates for local volume control and source selection, patch recall, logic control, automatic control of room dividers, projection screens, media players, lamps and other equipment.

The inputs and outputs are opto-isolated to avoid problems with equipment interaction. Grounding the switch inputs using simple contact closures triggers the programmed function. The logic outputs are open collector and can be wired to use the internal reference voltage or an external power supply. These typically drive LED indicators, filament bulbs, relays and circuit logic. Wiring the interface should be carried out by competent installation personnel. The switch and output functions are easily programmed using the iDR System Manager software.

The iDR-8 communicates with the iDR-switch via the DR-Link port. This uses the proprietary Allen & Heath DR-Link protocol. A standard 2 metre CAT5 STP cable is provided. However, you can use a cable up to 300 metres long letting you position the unit closer to the local switch wiring. A pass through connection lets you network up to three units by daisy chaining them.

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