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Professional audio

Professional audio

Professional Audio refers to high-grade audio equipment used in audio mixing and recording control centers. There are different categories of products ranging from mixing console, sound reinforcement system, and other recording equipment. The devices are differentiated in terms of commercial and professional usage. Professional audio can include audio mastering, FM radio broadcast, audio sampling, television studio, and other public address system set. In professional audio, all the mixing, balancing, and adjustment are carried out by mixing console.

Professional Audio Equipment:

We offer a variety of different professional audio equipment with the best class and prices on the internet. We have high-quality equipment available like digital audio leveling, Audio Codec, RDS, Voice over IP, AES/Analogue, Preamplifier, Digital Mic, Compress Limiter, IP Transport Module, and tons of other products in the same category.

Professional Audio Speakers: The Anchor 800 and LIB6001 tops the chart by providing companion Portable signals with two independent antennae. It is perfect for sound projection of both indoor and outdoor settings. The unit delivers 117dB of intelligent sound without any mixing. It is ideal for your workspace and other social events.

AXIA XNode Logic: The XNode has 4 stereo balanced inputs and 4 balanced line-level output on DB-25 and RJ-45 connectors. The device can easily accommodate 5.1 surround sound outputs associated with any discrete stereo mix.

Each input is switchable to either consume +4dBu or -10dBv sources. The short circuit protects the output before clipping. It is an A grade converter with low-noise components. It can be used for different studio peripherals including signals lamps, loudspeaker muting relays, audio devices, etc.

Audio Interface: The category includes ProFire 2626, Avid HD I/O, and Avid V10 HD. The devices bring next-generation performance to your recording system with a simultaneous HD audio stream. Each device has a different I/O interface.

Although further expansion slot option is not available, the configuration of I/O is available. The interface provides maximum performance and comes with Pro Tools software to control all input and output settings.

Avid Sync HD: It is low-jitter master clocks that provide accurate serial timecode. The device is a must when you're dealing with a large scale of music and soundtrack production. Sync HD offers reliability, stability, and consistency if you have multiple audio interfaces.

Other products lineup includes Breakout cable, Music production system, Digital Duplex, and Digital Mic. Shop now to get the best prices in Professional Audio Products.

Brand: Digico Model: G14685-B
The DiGiCo G14685-B AES/EBU Input/Output Card is a specialized audio interface designed for DiGiCo digital mixing consoles and audio processing equipment. This card provides AES/EBU connectivity, which is a common digital audio format used for transmitting high-quality audio signals in professio..
Brand: Digico Model: G14745-B
The DiGiCo G14745-B Control Card is a specialized interface card designed for integration with DiGiCo digital mixing consoles and related audio equipment, specifically the Digirack series. This control card serves as a crucial component that facilitates communication and control between the mixin..
Brand: Digico Model: G14748-B
The DiGiCo G14748-B Power Supply is a specialized component designed to provide reliable and stable electrical power to DiGiCo Digirack audio equipment. As a crucial element in the audio setup, this power supply ensures that the connected Digirack devices receive the necessary power to function ..
Brand: Digidesign Model: 192 I/O
The Digidesign® 192 I/O™ 16-channel digital audio interface is designed for use in aPro Tools|HD® system. The 192 I/O features 24-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters, and supports sample rates of up to 192 kHz...
Brand: Digidesign Model: 192 I/O
The 192 I/O is all about sounding phenomenal — rivaling similar products more than double its price. On top of offering up to 16 channels of analog and digital I/O, the 192 I/O lets you take your pick over a flexible range of connection types. And with 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A operation, ..
Brand: Digidesign Model: PRE
Tthe Digidesign® PRE™ multi-purpose microphone preamplifier for Pro Tools® systems. PRE is designed especially for use with Pro Tools systems, but it can also be used as a stand-alone microphone preamplifier. When used with Pro Tools, most PRE features can be controlled from within the Pro Too..
Brand: Digidesign Model: MH040
The ultimate versatile synchronization peripheral, Digidesign SYNC I/O supports all major industry-standard clock sources and time code formats.Clock sources supported include video reference (blackburst), video signal, LTC resolve, AES, word, bi-phase and internal.Time code formats supported ..
Brand: Digidesign Model: SYNC
The Digidesign SYNC I/O, a multipurpose synchronization peripheral for Pro Tools systems. The SYNC I/O supports all Pro Tools sample rates, and synchronizes to all major time code and clock reference standards used in audio, video, film, and multimedia production. SYNC I/O can also be used as a..
Digigram BOB8 breakout box Digigram BOB8 breakout box
Out Of Stock
Brand: Digigram Model: BOB8
Professional Breakout Boxes for Digigram Multichannel Sound Cards  Digigram’s BOB8 allow straightforward and secure connection to all I/Os of compatible Digigram multichannel sound cards: BOB8  use Neutrik high-quality connectors.BOB8 Breakout Box, Digigram The BOB range is an elega..
Digigram VX222 V2 Multichannel Sound Card	Digigram VX222 V2 Multichannel Sound Card
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Brand: Digigram Model: VX222 v2
VX222v2 is an audio card for PCI bus. It is ‘Universal PCI 32-bit/33 MHz’ which means it can be plugged in 5 V PCI slots as well as in 3.3 V keyed PCIslots. The cards are also compatible with PCI-X interfaces. Main hardware features• 2 balanced analog mono line inputsMaximum input level se..
Brand: Digigram Model: VX822 v2
The VX822v2 multichannel sound card provides Digigram audio quality and reliability to professional users working with software based on standard WDM DirectSound, ASIO, WAVE, or Digigram np interfaces. Four balanced analog/digital stereo outputs and one balanced analog/digital stereo input are the p..
Brand: Digigram Model: VX822e
The VX822e from Digigram is a PCIe (Express) card that provides 2 channels of analog or digital audio input while simultaneously outputting 4 stereo pairs of digital output or 8 mono channels of analog audio. Especially useful for broadcast live-assist systems, permanent playback and multi-chann..
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