ProCurve 24-Ports Rack-Mountable Ethernet Switch

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  • Brand: HP
  • Model Number: J4900A
  • Product Code: BS16404
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Product Information

Designed for mid-size enterprises that require a smaller, more cost effective switch without sacrificing performance, the Switch 2626 broadens the scope of HP's Ethernet switch offerings, providing a lower cost option as a part of the HP ProCurve Switch 2600 series.The HP ProCurve Switch 2626 supports advanced network applications, including advanced network security and converged data and voice networks. With minimal configuration needs, the switch offers easy, plug-n-play enterprise deployment. The Switch 2626 provides the stackable 10/100 port density needed in smaller wiring closets today for aggregation at the edge of the network. With wire-speed performance and scalable port density, enterprises can utilize this lower cost option while still satisfying the performance demands of corporate environments.

Technical Details

ProCurve  24-Ports Rack-Mountable Ethernet Switch

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