Probel 6712 router matrix 51 button RCP-200L-4800

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  • Brand: PRO-Bel
  • Model Number: 6712
  • Product Code: BS20275
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Probel 6712 router matrix 51 button RCP-200L-4800 relegendable compact LCD panels are part of the 6700 series of control panels designed to work with the Pro-Bel Aurora system.

The panels provide button per crosspoint, multibus and X-Y control solutions. Dedicated buttons provide access to 'virtual' pages of sources and destinations, and where appropriate operational menus. RCP-200L-4800 is the best panel to use with Pro-bel

The displayed names can be dynamically edited, or changed, whilst the system remains on line using the Aurora database editor.

The features provided are:

  • compatible with Aurora system controller
  • twelve character source and destination names
  • full breakaway operation
  • button legends follow source and destination assignments
  • eight joystick override inputs
  • looping RS485 ports for both multi-drop connection and panel expansion
  • built in diagnostics Each button contains a 36x24 pixel LCD that can display up to three rows of six characters, which can be backlit in a range of colours or left un-illuminated. The six colours used are: bright red, dark red, bright green, dark green, bright orange and dark orange

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