PROBEL 6705 32 way four level Pushbutton Control Panel

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  • Brand: PRO-Bel
  • Model Number: 6705
  • Product Code: BS18508
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The 6700 series of 1U control panels are designed to operate with all current Pro-Bel control systems.

The basic 6700 hardware platform is used to provide a wide range of panel types including button per crosspoint (BPX) and multi-destination panels (X-Y). The compact design allows for as many as 54 buttons, allowing for example a 48 way, four level control panel or a ‘split’ design with two
four level 16 way sections in one panel.

The features provided are:

•Support for all current Pro-Bel controllers including System 2, System 3, TM, and Gemini

•Full breakaway of audio and video

•Selectable tally colour

•Adjustable brightness for electro-luminescent back light

•Eight joystick overrides

•Dual RS485 ports for multi-drop connection

•Built in diagnostics

The button legend strip is easily fitted by sliding a laser printed transparency behind the panel display membrane.

The unit is powered from a single 5V power supply housed in a cradle attached at the rear of the panel.

The cradle is detachable allowing the PSU to be placed elsewhere if installation space is limited.


Technical Details


•Support for all current Pro-Bel control systems including System 2, System 3, TM and Gemini

•Breakaway for audio and video

•Adjustable colours for tallies

•Adjustable electro-luminescent legend back light brightness

•Built in diagnostics


• RS485 input on 9-way female socket

• RS485 loop-through output on 9 way ‘D’ male plug

• Multi-drop panel protocol with automatic baud rate selection, 38.4k or 9.6k baud rate.

• 8 joystick override inputs on 15 way ‘D’ male plug Power

• Autosensing 100-250 VAC 50-60Hz 0.65A


• Size: IU panel for 19” rack mounting

• Depth from rack front with PSU cradle 98mm

• Depth from rack front without PSU cradle 29mm (note: excludes space for mating connectors)

• Operating temperature range: 0°C to +40°C
Note: allow space for cable access at rear including mating connectors 

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