probecom AC3000E Antenna Control System

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probecom AC3000E Antenna Control System

AC3000E Antenna Control System is an antenna pointing control system with perfect function; it can manually or automatically control antenna position pointing to the peak value of the receipt signal from the synchronous communication satellite. AC3000E antenna control system is designed with the latest digital processing technology, the most precise antenna pointing, high reliability and maximum flexible system configuration.

The system has a storage capacity for multiple satellites, and has practical inclined orbit tracking capability, with input of RS‐232, RS422 or RS‐485 remote control communication interface and Ethernet interface. In addition, a lightning protection is designed as well to ensure system stability and operating reliably. AC3000E antenna control system is applicable to antennas with less than 10 meters diameter. The port connecting the AC3000E antenna control system and the tracking signal is a serial port, any DC voltage of ‐10~+10V (Including satellite receiver AGC output, MODEL DC output etc.

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