Pro Announcer Rack Mic Preamp-Processor Compressor Expander

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  • Brand: AIR CORP
  • Model Number: 500 PH
  • Product Code: BS17213
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AIR CORP Pro Announcer Voice processor with phantom power microphone input. This would be an excellent voice processor for podcasts, streaming radio stations, and  AM SSB Ham stations, due to the symmetry correction, a feature not found on many voice processors.  The AIRcorp Model 500PH Pro Announcer microphone processor was designed to fill the needs of the modern broadcast studio or remote.  When levels are correct the equalization can easily be established with no further adjustment required. 

The unique compressor/expander combination of the Pro Announcer reduces room noise and equipment noise, while providing level control and increased loudness for the announcer. Fully checked and re-checked before shipping. 

More exclusive Pro Announcer features:
  • Front panel selection of input level in four ranges, +4dB to -50dB. Remotely controllable. 
  • Three section variable boost and cut equalization designed for easy setup without increasing low frequency room rumble and system hiss.
  • Symmetry correction (phase rotators) provides more talk power with less compression. 
  • Compressor/expander combination provides punch without noise rush-up.
  • Dynamic Control Coupling eliminates "hollow room" flanging effect. 
  • "Popless" insert point for any effects device. May be operated while announcer speaks. 
  • Remotely controllable. Simultaneous mic level output and line level output to feed console and telephone hybrid. 
  • De-esser suppresses excessive sibilance without being noticeable on normal material. 
  • Remotely controllable. Servo-balanced outputs eliminate ground loops in any installation. 
  • Buffered headphone jack to permit setup without being on air.
  • DB-25 connector extends all logic functions for user convenience. Internal 48 Vdc Phantom Supply

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