PLANAR Clarity 46” Baycat-X LCD monitor 16:9

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  • Brand: Planar
  • Model Number: BayCat X
  • Product Code: BS16494
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Bay Cat X is a 46" LCD display that can be wall-mounted or mounted on a stand. The display can be portrait or land- scape. Bay Cat X is only 3.96" deep. Its aspect ratio is 1.77 (16:9). Its native resolution is HD (1920 × 1080). It accepts a wide range of input pictures from VGA to UXGA in either analog or digital (DVI).

For video it accepts NTSC, PAL, and SECAM as com- posite, component, or S-Video. Most important, it is easy to set up and adjust.

Technical Details

Native WXGA resolution

• Automatic ambient light sensing and backlight adjust- ment

• 40 memory slots for easy configuration switching

• Improved video performance

• Logo capture for custom splash screen

• Improved component servicability

• Integrated Big Picture Option

• Optional tabletop feet

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